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Remote Start - FAQ

  1. Is there a way to automatically start my vehicle at specific times during the day?
  2. Yes, in the Settings section of the Command Centre you are provided with a choice of commands to schedule. The most commonly used feature is the ability to start your vehicle at specific times each day.

  3. Where will Text2Car work?
  4. Text2Car is available in over 170 countries.

  5. How difficult is your device to install?
  6. Our device is quite simple to install with the help of a professional installer.

  7. Am I required to download an app to use your service?
  8. No, you can access your account from any web browser on any internet connected device. Eliminating the need to download or update an app.

  9. Will I have to sign a contract?
  10. No. We are so confident we will provide long-term satisfaction, that we do not require a long-term contract.

  11. Will your device drain my battery?
  12. Our device draws about as much power as the clock on a car radio. It would take a considerable period of time to impact battery capacity

  13. My teenage just got their driver's license, how can I tell if they are driving responsibly and not speeding?
  14. By setting a speed threshold in the settings section you will receive an E-mail anytime your vehicle goes above that speed.

  15. Why Do I Have To Log In Every Time I Go To Text2Car?
  16. To allow Text2Car to remember your account, please enable cookies in your browsers setting.

    If you do not wish to allow cookie for all sites, most browsers have a “allow from current site only” option. Please review your browser’s setting for this option.

  17. I've heard a lot about GPS tracking systems being used to recover stolen vehicles, how do you do this?
  18. As soon as you notice your vehicle is missing, log in to your account and hit GPS Locate. This will bring up a map with the exact location of your vehicle, forward this to the police and let them do the rest.

  19. I already have a factory remote starter in my car, will Text2Car work with it?
  20. Text2Car operates independently from your existing device to provide you a family of new features and functions.

  21. My car didn't start, what should I do?
  22. Before contacting us, we will need to know the following:

    • Was the “Command Received” message displayed after pressing Start?
    • Does your remote key FOB start and unlock your vehicle?

    Texting Method Is Not Working

    • Due to the recent security risk of telephone “spoofing” we have suspended this feature.
    • We are actively working on a secure solution.

    Temporary cellular network or internet issue. Please try again later.

    • This message indicates that our system was not able to communicate with your device. Please close the window and try again.
    • If after multiple attempts you are still receiving this message, your vehicle may be out of the coverage area, or the service provider is experiencing a high volume interruption.