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Remote Start

Remote Starting

Remote won't reach your car?

Remote start your car from any distance. Whether you're inside the mall, theatre or airport, on the other side of the city or even the other side of the world, you can confidently start your vehicle using your cell phone or any internet capable device. Use it to warm your vehicle in the cold winter months or to pre-cool it on those hot days – all with no distance limitations. Now that's control.

Remote Unlocking

Locked your keys in the car?

From any cellphone, PC or internet capable device, and from any distance, you can text 'unlock' or click the 'unlock' icon. Within seconds your doors are unlocked. Never wait or pay for a locksmith or tow-truck to open your doors again! Now that is convenience.

Scheduled Commands

Want your vehicle warm at 5:00pm ?

The Text2Car on-line scheduler helps simplify your busy life.

Text2Car's online scheduler helps simplify your busy life. You can schedule a command such as 'start car' to be performed whenever you want. For example if you live in a part of the world where winters are very cold and you park downtown with your vehicle exposed to the elements, you might have your car scheduled to start every three hours to ensure it will start at the end of the day for your trip home.

Experience peace of mind by knowing where your vehicle is at a specific time of day with a simple GPS locate schedule – perfect for the teen who is borrowing your car for school, or the employer using a company vehicle during work hours.

Speed Notification

Is your vehicle speeding?

If you need to enforce speed limitations on someone using your vehicle, you will love this feature. Simply set the parameters of allowable speeds for your vehicle, and then receive a text message notifying you if the vehicle surpasses those parameters complete with speed recorded, time and location.

GPS Real-Time Location

Want to locate your vehicle?

Forgot where you parked your car? Looking to find the current location of the vehicle? The real time GPS locate feature gives you detailed street and map data of your vehicle location, speed and direction, including street names and road lines with the option of a satellite image. Among other things, this feature allows you to locate your vehicle if it's been stolen, check in on the progress of your loved one's trip or confirm an employee's travel activities, productivity and location.

Theft Protection / Ignition Monitor

Someone Stealing Your Car?

Someone has broken into your car and the alarm is sounding – or perhaps there's an unauthorized use of your vehicle by your teenager or employee. With Text2Car, monitoring your vehicle from anywhere in the world is a breeze. Receive a text message alerting you to the security breach allowing you to deal with the situation as required. In the case of a theft you can first remotely disable the engine and then using the onboard GPS locater, find exactly where your vehicle is. Or in the case of a teen or employee using the vehicle without proper authorization, be notified so that you can decide the best course of action for dealing with this breach. Now that's peace of mind.

Optional Control

Want to control more?

Add as an additional control function of your choice such as: door lock, trunk, window & sunroof (depending of vehicle-function availability)


Want a quick reminder?

Get a reminder when your parking meter is about to expire or be informed about making that important telephone call.


Automated Notices for Maintenance.

Let our system remind you when your vehicles are due for maintenance.