Your wireless provider for control, monitoring and tracking of automotive, fleet and M2M devices

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Text2Car offers a wide array of solutions for enabling the flow of data between machines, including: instrument measurements, data collection, industrial applications, systems monitoring and automation.

We offer a range M2M products that are pre-configured for specific applications as well as M2M devices that can be configured and customized to fit any situation.

Our team of experienced associates, engineers and developers can help you build a solution to any problem, big or small.


  • Remote Monitoring & Control
  • Automation
  • System Diagnostics
  • Data Collection
  • Customizable


  • Optimize Operational Efficiency
  • Decrease operational costs but having key metrics available to you in real-time.

  • Create New Opportunities
  • Expand your product offering and break into new markets.

  • Compliance & Regulations
  • Ensure you are meet all compliance and regulatory requirements for your industry.

  • Better Customer Satisfaction
  • Proactively respond to possible issues while also offering new services to existing customers.

  • Increase Productivity & Sustainability
  • Reduce time spent through outdated diagnostic methods.