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About Us

Who are we?

Text2Car is a Canadian-based company located in Saskatoon, SK.  With his roots firmly planted in the cold Prairies, creator and owner Vince Hardy developed the technology in an effort to get through the long winter months more comfortably and conveniently.  After working in downtown Winnipeg where he had to park blocks away from his office and with no way of plugging in his vehicle during the cold winter days, his creative technical side emerged in full-force!  From the original Text2Car device to the cutting edge products that we now offer, the Text2Car team is constantly striving to improve our technology in response to customers’ needs.

Our Team
Vince Hardy is the grand master and drives the ship!  With 25 years in the wireless industry and major project experience in the areas of Telematics, SCADA, telemetry and remote monitoring, along with satellite and cellular communications, his knowledge, expertise and ability to build a dynamic team has brought Text2Car to where it is today.  You might find him in meetings with programmers, or jetting off to talk about the company with other like-minded individuals and investors throughout North America or maybe even presenting at M2M conferences in the Silicon Valley. 
Our head office is supported with an in-house team specializing in office administration, marketing and communications and technical support. 
Technical Team – Text2Car has a world-wide team of talented individuals that work hard to provide end-result performance in excess of expectations.  The team strives to provide the best in their field of expertise – from product engineering, development and testing, and application software development.